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Telecommunications are meant to send messages over a long distance by means of high-tech electronic technology. With telephone systems, handheld devices and Internet, they have penetrated into all the aspects of the modern society. And there are solid reasons for such a tendency. Systems of telecommunications make it possible to reach multiple parties at once through email sending, audio- and videoconferencing. What’s important in this case is the speed – you can connect to others in literally a second. Telecommunications are also cost-effective solutions, as they eliminate the necessity for paper, storage space, and travel costs in case of teleconferencing.

Yes, it is true. Just one good joke in a day can actually relieve a high amount of stress, and make your hormones come to their normal levels despite all the anxiety and pressures of the professional life. Think of it this way, has not there been a day when you were told a joke by a friend or relative on the phone or via SMS, and you kept on thinking about the same throughout the day, and had a great, stress-free working experience. You might also have spread the cheer by telling the joke to your colleagues, thereby also brightening their day and bringing some laughter in their lives. Is not this proof enough of what a great joke can do to your entire day?

Presently, there are many sources from where one can get funny jokes, with the best one being the internet. Clearly, there are quite a few of those who like to share their humorous side online, which is visible from the great compilation of jokes that are available online. There are many kinds of redhead jokes, lawyer jokes, doctor jokes, and so on, giving you ample variety in terms of choosing the kind of laugh you want to have according to your taste.

But one thing that must be kept in mind is that these jokes are completely in the spirit of humor, and should be taken sportingly, and not personally. Remember, it takes only 7 muscles to smile, and 32 to frown, and the former always gets a better reaction from the other person.

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