Diverse Orientation

With the development of telecommunications, we’ve seen a revolution in the sphere of communication and information delivery. Today, they are a powerful basis of the worldwide economy, and their influence is constantly growing. There is a wide range of telecommunication systems employed nowadays. They can be divided into full-duplex and half-duplex systems. The former allow for the simultaneous communication between two parties and embrace multiple forms of Internet connection, telephones and mobile devices. The latter let only party send a message at once, e.g. radio sets.

High Speed Internet

Due to utilization of DOCSIS techniques, our company takes the lead in the sphere of Internet services throughout the region. We keep node sizes minimal to provide the highest speed for web users. Furthermore, our all-optical undersea network gives a broadband IP access for a reasonable price.

Competitive Edge

Our telecommunications company offers large-scale data solutions for enterprises that need to expand the capacity of their bandwidth and storage. Thanks to more than 30,000 km of cable stretched across the country, our connections can fulfill any data needs. We provide 3 types of broadband transmission services via PDH and SDH interfaces. The first one is undersea connection bandwidth service, which links 2 cable stations in the coverage area. The second type of our services is meant to install connection at city-center access points through regional backhaul networks. The third type is aimed at establishing connection at offices through local networks. Just choose the service you need and contact us in the most convenient way!

Reputable Partners

Telecommunications are meant to send messages over a long distance by means of high-tech electronic technology. With telephone systems, handheld devices and Internet, they have penetrated into all the aspects of the modern society. And there are solid reasons for such a tendency. Systems of telecommunications make it possible to reach multiple parties at once through email sending, audio- and videoconferencing. What’s important in this case is the speed – you can connect to others in literally a second. Telecommunications are also cost-effective solutions, as they eliminate the necessity for paper, storage space, and travel costs in case of teleconferencing.